ACM Services, Inc.

Acid Cleanup

Because of percholoric acid's explosive nature, it is important that no one should attempt maintenance on or cleaning of hoods and exhaust systems until safe working conditions are assured.

If a laboratory hood has been exposed to heated perchloric acid, tests must be conducted to determine if explosive perchlorates have formed on the hood walls and duct system. This should be completed before any inspection, cleaning, maintenance, demolition, or any other work is done on any part of the hood interior or exhaust system.

At ACM Services we have the experience, the tools and the trained professionals to safely test and clean your exhaust system. We can also dismantle and properly dispose of contaminated hood, duct and fan components.

Dismantling or performing maintenance on a laboratory exhaust system contaminated with shock-sensitive perchlorates is a hazardous operation. Let the professionals at ACM Services, Inc. safely and economically handle your project.

Get more information on getting acid off hoods from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.