Healthcare Services

Over the past few years, allegations of bodily injury and property damage arising from the presence of toxic mold in buildings have resulted in an explosion of lawsuits across the nation. Plaintiffs in toxic mold litigations are pursuing building owners, property managers, architects and even contractors.

Healthcare Facilities

ACM Services has the expertise and specialized training necessary to work safely in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, doctors’ offices and professional buildings where containment and infectious control protocols are vital. ACM Services is ASHE certified in healthcare construction and our project managers and site superintendents have attended construction-in-healthcare training.

Healthcare Services


A variety of techniques are available, including abrasion, heat scraping, and chemical and mechanical removal. Each incorporates special controls to guard against the spread of lead dust or fumes during the process. Disposal is accomplished in full accordance with all applicable regulations.


In some cases, stabilization provides an equally effective and less costly alternative to removal. Encapsulating coatings are available for both interior and exterior surfaces. They provide high resistance to weathering, vapor transmission, abrasion and fire.


ACM Services repaints following stripping operations and replaces removed lead-painted components like doors, windows and casework. This provides a one-contract turnkey operation.


  • Infectious control enclosures
  • Interim life safety measures
  • Healthcare construction techniques